Sunday, November 11, 2007

Earn while you Blog

When you're in the IT industry, there are bound to be many other internet resources you can find. When you're so long on the internet, you'll know that internet is a good way to learn lots of things and also a good place to earn your income too.

Seeing that this is a tech blog, I would like to share with you the benefits of joining bloggerwave. Well bloggerwave has been around and it's a good way to earn your income on a part time basis. Unlike other review opportunities, bloggerwave doesn't rely on PR or alexa ranking, they have their own ranking to distribute.

Want to know more, just visit them and get to know the rest. Until then, earn money while you blog

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Standard in HTML

Back in those days html was merely a simple code of <font> and </font>

Now the new standards has somehow change it with the use of <div> and <span>

Well, this actually helped change the role of different HTML standards that even javascripts are now transformed. Would like to know more? There's definitely more to this. Just hold on your thinking caps.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Do not touch that Printer Setup

Sometimes when a program is set to run for the client to just print their documents, it's usually preset by the system administrator. I just can't understand why is it that the staffs are just itchy hand, that they love to touch the print settings of the printer software and also the Print Setup of the assigned print job.

Here's a likely scenario which has hit upon the writer of this column. When all this while, the print settings has been the norm, the client called back said that the printed column is out of alignment and thus they have wasted their application forms. It's in PDF and definitely the printing won't run from the alignment.

If I must say something, please do not change the printing setup of the likely machine if you're using frequently for printing. Thank you very much.

Note: This is a precautionary message by the writer of this column. Feel very comfortable to give comments.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ragnarok Online Free

Ragnarok Online, one of the earliest MMORPG to hit the cyber cafes. Well it wasn't the first but it's definitely one of the first cute characters MMORPG to exist. Due to it's cuteness, most people got addicted to this Ragnarok Online (RO for short). Some can even spend nearly 1 week in a cyber cafe just to play this game.

What exactly is RO? Why do people get hook to games like RO? Well, considering that due to RO coming up, more and more games exist such as Maple Story, Grenado Espada, World of Warcraft, Ghost Online and many many more. By the way, Gunbound doesn't count as it's not MMORPG.

Those days, when a bot is rarely heard of, it's one of the most exciting game to play around with your friends. Due to bots overwhelming in the following years, MMORPG has lost it's meaning in Asian shores with most of them playing to be able to get the highest available equipment. Guessed that's why Asians have this mindset as to win at any cause. One fine example, the Ragnarok Online World Championship.

I am the cosplay for Gypsy in Ragnarok Online!

Though this game is basically a 3D character in a 2D map world, it's kinda addictive. So games can affect our lives too, we can get more involved in cosplay. Well, if you need anymore news about Ragnarok, drop a comment. By the way, there's an official free server running now for Malaysia and Singapore players.

Friday, June 1, 2007

HTML Part 1

So here we are starting at the basics of HTML web design.
Most of us will just use softwares like Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage to simplify the job. I mean, anyone can be a common web designer but what can be said about someone who knows codes directly from scratch if you're stuck in a company which doesn't supply one with codes and code assist softwares.

So it all boils down to basics. First how do one starts?

For simplicity, open a notepad and start creating your first html page.

<title> - Technology Blog</title>
I am here at


Now then you have your first html page that doesn't do anything. So how about adding some totally cool lines.

<b></b> is a blog that teaches <font color='red'>tech stuffs</font>

The above when include in the <html> tag will produce the below example is a blog that teaches tech stuffs


So now you've seen it.

The <b> creates a bold part. It's always good practice to close an open tag.

<font color='red'> makes the text enclosed in it becomes red. One can actually change the color specified or if not can use the color codes such as #FF0000 for red.

Find this useful, or what else would you want to know? Comment here and give your feedbacks

Monday, May 28, 2007

StarCraft 2 is Coming

How long has it been? Nearly 10 years since the launch of Blizzard's Starcraft? Then after 2 years it was Broodwars? Well, looks like Blizzard has done it again, after the epic Warcraft expansions, another game is set to come back with the introduction of Starcraft II.

Based on spoilers and introduction on the official Blizzard's Starcraft II page at, some characters from the previous episode will make a comeback. Units are unique to each clans thus giving an ambience storyline. What more can a hardcore gamer ask for? Who knows, this game might make it into the Cyber World Games.

Back to some background of Starcraft II, the 3 clans are at war once again, with the Terran, Protoss and Zergs all trying to dominate once again. After a sudden lapse of small fights, it looks like a war that could change the future is about to take place. Who would be the victor? That's for the gamers to find out!

How about the story of Kerrigan, the once Terran commander that became the Queen of the Zergs. An insider said she might appear again and this cinematic trailer could be her. Expected to be out in Winter if plans go smoothly. Can't wait to get my hands on the game now.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

SystemTech launched

Glad that this blog name wasn't taken yet.

It's now the year 2007. Times have changed. Lots of gadgets are now in the making. How about codes? Even programming languages have evolved. Nowadays even colleges hardly taught COBOL. (Well I was learning way back while I was doing my diploma). There are even GUI interfaces for programming languages. No more hassle, only problem is that most of them no foundation in programming.

Life work is now pretty simple with technology. Though, the programmer is having a tough time helping people with their programs. SystemTech is all about how a few of us tech-savvy people (programmers included) are going to talk about IT stuffs. Most of us are Java based background, thus examples of codes or tutorials are done in Java. Do bear in mind, please do not kill us.

Seeing this as a first post. I taught of calling this Hello World, but then people will start getting bored seeing the same thing over and over again in other sites. So why not make it the second post. Be right back with more updates